God Image Inventory Scoring Program
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Scoring not working
September 15, 2015
- I was forced to move the site to a new server by GoDaddy and now the scoring doesn't work. People can take the test and the data will be stored but you cannot get the results. If anyone knows of a more permanent home for Godimage.org (maybe a server at an academic institution?) that would be wonderful. I will be making a second attempt at repairing the site soon. Pray it is something simple and obvious like the last fix. -Jay

Email problem fixed!
Febuary 1, 2011
- Well after a LONG time of being stymied by the failure of the email functions of the website I have figured out the problem and they all work properly now. This means that you can get GII reports and research data in your email once again. Praise God!

March 31, 2009
- This website has been relocated after losing my free hosting. The new free webhost (godaddy.com) has an ad bar at the top - unfortunate - but the price of free hosting. There have been some problems as I've moved the site to the new host. If you encounter any errors please let me know as I'm likely unaware of them (see the contact page for my email).

Thank you, Dr. J

Login Issue
January 30, 2008
- Currently when you Login you will initially be returned to this Homepage, the status in the upper right will indicate that you are not logged in - this is INCORRECT - you are logged in. Go ahead and click on the CLIENT tab and it will take you to the test page and your status will change to the appropriate "Logged in as a Client of ______".

Dr. J

2007 Move
April 13, 2007
If you had an account before Jan 1, 2006 you will have to register for a new account as all the previous data was lost when Biola terminated the server. -Jay

This the homepage for the new God Image Inventory (GII - developed by Father Richard Lawrence) Scoring Program. This is my dissertation project for the completion of my Psy.D. in clinical psychology at Biola University's Rosemead School of Psychology. All services provided by this website are completely free.

Notice to Researchers
Be sure to use the Researchers section of the Counselors area to have your data sent to you on a regular basis. There are no guarantees that this webserver won't crash and lose all your disseration/research data!! It has happened before and can happen again.

Funding Search
I am starting a fund to provide a way for those interested in advancing the work of God Image research and internet based assessment and data gathering to contribute. This fund will be used solely to pay for the work of a programmer to do a major re-write of this website to significantly enhance its functionality. The big new feature we'd like to add is the ability to add new assessments to the site easily such that they too would be able to provide interpretive reports and gather research data. This would make this site an open-source way of doing psychological assessment on the internet and has tremendous potential benefit both clinicians, researchers and of course ultimately those we serve. If we can fund this re-write through donations there won't be any need to charge for the services provided by the site.

Site Overview
Home - You're looking at it!

About - Learn the basics about the GII and this site.

Counselors' Area - Where counselors can get trained in the GII and verify their qualifications so that they can gain full access to all areas of the site for themselves and the Take a Test area for their clients.

Clients' Area - Where clients take the GII online. In order to access this area the client's counselor provides the client with a login and password, which the counselor gets from completing information in the "Counselor Area." Clients get their results from their counselor, who can discuss the results at the next counselor-client meeting.

Contact - How to contact the website administrator with your questions or comments.

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